We can install any PHP and CGI scripts for you. Those include but not limited to: Shopping Cart, Auction, Topsites, PHP Fanbase, Enthusiast, PHP counter, Tagger, Guestbook, Links Directory, etc. If you would like to install the script but not sure which one to choose we will recommend you the best ones from our database.

Our price is $20.00USD/hour and include only script installation and customization (if needed), not the price of the script itself (if the script is purchaseware) or the price of the template, graphics, theme you choose for customization.

To purchase script installation please send us email to (you need to type the email address into your email program changing “AT” for the email sign) with the subject “CDHND Script Installation” and the following info (please send us all required info, we will need to check it to prevent fraudulent submissions):

1. Your first and last name (plus your nickname if you have one)
2. Your website(s) URL(s)
3. Your Paypal email
4. Which script you would like us to install
5. Other info needed for your script installation (your Cpanel login info, address for installation, etc)

As soon as we get your email and check your info we will send you the bill to pay through Paypal. After your payment will be processed we will be contacting you with details during next 2 days on working days, up to 4 days on weekends. If you pay with e-check it may take additional 5-7 days to clear it.
Please note that if you are using AOL, MSN, yahoo, hotmail and some other free email services or spam assasin on your domain’s email than there are many chances that our response to you can be sent by your email agent directly to your spam/bulk folder or recycle bin so don’t forget to check it there just in case!
Thank you for shopping at CD Host’n’Design!