If you would like to know what do people hosted on our server think please read below. We highly appreciate each and everyone of our customers and we are proud to know that they are happy with the services we have to offer! If you are hosted with us and would like to send us your own testimonial please do so, we will be happy to post it here. Thank you so much to those who did!

Received from Cheri Orick

I got my son’s domain with CD Host N Design. Everything went smooth and they were fast about getting my domain for me. I now have two domains with CD Host N Design and am very pleased that I picked them to get my domains with. They are very reliable and easy to get in touch with!

Received from Shay

What a wonderful hosting! I am so so happy that I switched to CD HostnDesign Hosting. Marina made it so easy for me. I had alot of problems with my old hosting. She fixed any problems that I had and she was there to answer any of my questions! I am 100% satisfied customer. 🙂 Thank you so much Marina!

Received from Melissa Olivero

CD Host N Design has been a fantastic web hosting company to work with. I have two domains listed with them and they are always there when I need them. Their customer service and packages offered are simply the best. I’m very proud to be a client.

Received from Kristin

Hi Marina,
You really are such a great help to me. I don’t know why the other place wasn’t as helpful or as honest as you have been. Believe me I’ll never recommend them to anyone who asks me to suggest where to go for a web host. You will be the one I’ll refer them to for sure!!!!!!!!!!
Big Hugs Kristin

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