Received from Melissa Carlini

I LOVE the fact that before I even switched to CD HostNDesign hosting ….. they took the time to answer ALL my questions that I have had since having a domain name and paid hosting. I was with another hosting company for almost a year when they started their hosting. In that timeframe…. I always had those little questions like … What is the difference between having a sub domain as opposed to a parked domain…… What IS a subdomain or a parked domain …… Why is bandwidth important …… What is bandwidth …… How does the MB allocated for the email address affect the actual web space that you are hosting? You see…… I had LOTS of questions that never got answered by my other hosting company. :O( I felt REALLY let down and not special at all as valued customer of my former host. :O( WELL, that ALL changed the moment I emailed CD HostNDesing about their hosting. Over a few weeks time….. they were able to clear the fog from around my head in regard to what it meant to have Paid Hosting for your website. I gotta tell ya….. I am sure that they wanted to ignore pretty much all of my emails after about the 10th one that contained a silly question BUT they never did that….. they took the time and energy to answer all my questions, and if there was something I wasn’t understanding…. they made sure that they explained it to me until it DID make sense to me!! I got more customer support from them WAY BEFORE I even became her actual customer!!!!!! Now I ask you this….Wouldn’t ALL THAT make you want to switch to CD HostnDesign and use them as your host for your website????