We are proud to announce that we now offer WordPress Templates for your personal and business projects.

Templates are like themes but come with graphics that can be replaced by your own one and therefore they are useful for those who want to create their own themes for themselves or for sale. All our templates validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and work fine with WordPress versions 1.5.2 and higher.
The newest templates come not only with the standard WP files but also with Links, Archives and Democracy Poll page templates.
All our templates are widget ready!

There are several rules that you need to follow when you use your purchased templates:
1. You can’t offer them for download/resale in their original form (without embellishing them with your own graphics) as well as to let people remove your graphics and insert theirs instead (because that would be the same as offering the templates). If someone is looking for the original templates please direct them to our site.
2. You can’t remove the link to our site for template design from the footer no matter how much you change the template. If you use the templates with our original graphics (only to embellish your own site) please keep the graphics credits as well!
3. You can make as many changes as you want and when you add your own graphics you can offer complete themes from your site for sale or in your membership areas (paid or free) but you can’t offer the themes to download for free from your site to anyone, this is to protect our templates from people who grab the free themes and then rip off the graphics and use the templates to add their own stuff.
4. The templates come with license to use on 1 site (included in the price of the first template you purchase here), if you are intending to use them on different sites of your own you need to purchase the additional site license.
5. Webdesigners need to purchase the templates for each site they design just the same way they purchase the same graphic collection several times for each site they design.

If at any time you will have questions concerning the Terms of Use of those templates please don’t hesitate to contact us with them!

To purchase your templates please proceed to the next page.

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